Maira Salazar

E as Mulheres?

E as Mulheres? is a Brazilian women's history podcast. Two sisters talk about the story of little known women that made history, in Brazil and in the world.

We are always open to talk about any of the women covered. Listen to short highlights, in English, about the women - and see a cocktail recipe to go with it!

Ana Néry
Pioneer Brazilian nurse
Paraguaçu, Bartira e Muira
"Mothers of Brazilians", first recorded indigenous women to marry Portuguese men
Enedina Alves Marques
First black female engineer in the south of Brazil
Luísa Margarida Portugal e Barros, Condessa do Barral
Cynthia Robinson
Manager of ExtraMail


Brazilian Buck - Maria Firmina dos Reis

- 60 ml Cachaça
- 100 ml Ginger beer & chilli
- 7.5 ml sugar syrup
- 1/4 lime, to serve (and squeeze)

Fill glass with ice. Pour ginger beer and syrup. Mix. Pour cachaça on the back of a spoon. Serve with lime edge.

Pink Lemonade - Maria Firmina dos Reis

- 240 ml Sparkling pink lemonade
- 1/4 lime, squized
- 10 ml sugar syrup
- 60 ml vodka

Shake all ingredients and enjoy! Serve with ice.
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