Making my way through the world. From Brazil to Portugal, and whatever comes along the way.

Vegan recipes, restaurant reviews, animal right activism and reflections on this lifestyle of love and compassion.

Ramblings and words packed together, with the hopes of creating something coherent. Made it touches your heart.

  • Legumes2

    Time-saving Dinner for Busy Days

    This is my preferred easy vegan meal prep method: quick, colorful, nutritious and delicious! Even for those people out there who love cooking (high 5!), we all have those chaotic days when there’s absolutely no way we can spend 45-minutes or more in the kitchen. Basically, we’re going to make some oven baked veggies and […]

  • ankush-minda-545239-unsplash

    How I Reclaimed My Love Life

    Letting go of my expectations was the best thing I could do for my love life. My first relationship was everything I had dreamt, as a 16-year-old. All the feels, all the drama, all the passion. I developed a crush and fell in love all before our relationship really started. I hurt, wrote angsty diary […]

  • tanya-patrikeyeva-423820-unsplash

    Why I will accept my present – hint: it will help with my future

    Accepting the now doesn’t mean settling for anything but rather enjoying the little nuggets of the ordinary day-to-day. TED talks are amazing not only because they provide you with quality content, but especially because, in many cases, they really are thought-provoking. Hours and even days after watching a particularly good one, you’re still reflecting about […]

  • mathyas-kurmann-102977-unsplash

    Timing and twentysomethings

    Choosing always means giving up on something. When you’re at the prime time for so many possibilities, how to make the choices? Yesterday I watched this old TED talk by Meg Jay on Why the 30s are not the new 20s. It’s a motivating talk, which I definitely recommend to any twentysomething or (soon-to-be) out […]


Let me tell you something. I’m on a path of self-discovery. In a moment of understanding who I am and what fulfills me. So talking about me is not very easy. But I’ll try.

I’m Maira. I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but now I live and study in Portugal. And this is just the beginning of a long journey that will lead me through different cultures and places. 

Veganism, writing, listening (and soon producing) podcasts are some of my passions.

I hope to make this website a space of learning and growing. Wanna come along?

The game is afoot!