Making my way through the world. From Brazil to Portugal, and whatever comes along the way.

Vegan recipes, restaurant reviews, animal right activism and reflections on this lifestyle of love and compassion.

Ramblings and words packed together, with the hopes of creating something coherent. Made it touches your heart.

  • Protegido: O turismo em Portugal – entre desafios e oportunidades

    Não existe excerto porque se trata de um artigo protegido.

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    Numbers or Words?

    What do you do when you’re doubting your past decisions – the ones that affect your future ones? Right now, I’m more than halfway through my undergrad degree. That means it’s time to make some important decisions. Will I pursue a master straight out of here? Or will I work before? If I go for […]

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    Falling Behind, Yes. But Giving Up, No Way.

    For the first time in my life, I’m not letting the compounding little challenges of daily life make me quit. It can be disheartening to see how real life turns out so differently from our plans. It can also be motivating and serendipitous. I guess it really depends on the kind of person you are, […]

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    5 Tips to Ease Your Transition Into Veganism

    Adopting veganism as a lifestyle might seem daunting. But here are 5 ways to make this journey go more smoothly. In the countless Facebook groups, Instagram accounts and real-life conversations I’ve been in, relating to veganism, there is always someone interested in learning a bit more about it. And many of these people are genuinely […]

Maira Salazar in São Paulo, Brazil

Let me tell you something. I’m on a path of self-discovery. In a moment of understanding who I am and what fulfills me. So talking about me is not very easy. But I’ll try.

I’m Maira. I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but now I live and study in Portugal. And this is just the beginning of a long journey that will lead me through different cultures and places. 

Veganism, writing, listening (and soon producing) podcasts are some of my passions.

I hope to make this website a space of learning and growing. Wanna come along?

The game is afoot!