Under construction! Making my way through the world. From Brazil to Portugal, and whatever comes along the way.

Under construction! Until then, you can check out the site my father and I put together, with some delicious vegan recipes (mostly in Portuguese, though)!

Ramblings and words packed together, with the hopes of creating something coherent. Made it touches your heart.

  • Protegido: Vegan Street Food in London

    Não existe excerto porque se trata de um artigo protegido.

  • Planning

    [EN] Your no bullshit guide to beating overplanning

    Oh yeah, today is THE day! I’m going to make every second count, and I’ll build my perfect life. Starting with this podcast episode on How to boost your creativity, reading this article on How to loose fat in 90 days and creating my 2-years goal planning. Sounds familiar? Please tell me if it doesn’t, […]

  • Memory trap

    [EN/PT] Memory Trap / Memória sem Tempo

    A few chords bring up a movie. Calculated steps, arms raised, the song in the background. It merges with the teacher’s voice, whose silhouette shows the next movements. Within a few seconds, a travel through time happened. My body is still there, sitting in the back of the cab. But the seven years that separate […]

  • Searching-Age-Rating-2018-Movie-Poster-Images-and-Wallpapers (1)

    [PT] Searching: Uma procura esburacada

    O pior momento da vida de um pai vista por ecrãs. Essa é premissa do primeiro longa-metragem de Aneesh Chaganty, Pesquisa Obsessiva. O espectador tem a sensação de acompanhar a busca desesperada do protagonista, David Kim (John Cho), por meio de uma câmera secreta. O uso exclusivo de ecrãs, apesar de não ser novo (o […]


Let me tell you something. I’m on a path of self-discovery. In a moment of understanding who I am and what fulfills me. So talking about me is not very easy. But I’ll try.

I’m Maira. I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but now I live and study in Portugal. And this is just the beginning of a long journey that will lead me through different cultures and places. 

Veganism, writing, listening (and soon producing) podcasts are some of my passions.

I hope to make this website a space of learning and growing. Wanna come along?

The game is afoot!