Making my way through the world. From Brazil to Portugal, and whatever comes along the way.

Vegan recipes, restaurant reviews, animal right activism and reflections on this lifestyle of love and compassion.

Ramblings and words packed together, with the hopes of creating something coherent. Made it touches your heart.

  • Plan Your First Time in London

    Planning Your First Trip to London – What You Should do Beforehand

    If it is your first time in London, there are some things you should do before arriving there. Of course, this is also valid even it’s not your first time! Things like finding a good hostel, getting your transportation card, guaranteeing your tickets for any attractions, etc. Even if you’re not really the neurotic-over-planning type (I […]

  • Blacksmith Sandwich

    All I Ate in London

    London is a paradise for vegans. As I already showed in the previous post, you can find vegan food in all shapes and forms in London’s street markets. But why limit ourselves, right? Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love street food, food stalls and all that jazz, but there is even more to London […]

  • Vegan Food in London

    Vegan Street Food in London: Markets and Stalls You Shouldn’t Miss

    This post was first published in The Nomadic Vegan, as a guest writer 😉 London has much to offer, that’s undeniable. From its modern buildings juxtaposed with Victorian architecture to the free museums and endless cultural activities, there is always something to do. I was only in the city for five days, and trying to […]

  • maxresdefault

    [PT] Bel Canto: Uma História Digna de Ópera

    *Contém spoilers* . . . . . . No empobrecido Peru de 1996, um grupo de embaixadores, empresários e uma famosa cantora de ópera reúnem-se. O pomposo evento, organizado pelo presidente, é a celebração de um desejado contrato empresarial. A apresentação da cantora soprano americana Roxane Cross (Julianne Moore com vocais por Renée Fleming) – […]


Let me tell you something. I’m on a path of self-discovery. In a moment of understanding who I am and what fulfills me. So talking about me is not very easy. But I’ll try.

I’m Maira. I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but now I live and study in Portugal. And this is just the beginning of a long journey that will lead me through different cultures and places. 

Veganism, writing, listening (and soon producing) podcasts are some of my passions.

I hope to make this website a space of learning and growing. Wanna come along?

The game is afoot!