• Camila Aldrighi

    Blog é ponte virtual entre Brasil e Portugal

    Para quem está a planear a mudança para Portugal, informação vale ouro. A linguagem complexa usada no portal oficial do Serviço de Emigração e Fronteiras, assim como as diferenças no idioma, são obstáculos na preparação. Camila Aldrighi sentiu na pele essa dificuldade. Em 2016, ao inscrever-se num mestrado na Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade […]

  • 12 Challenges for 2020

    January Challenge – Reading One Book Per Week

    One down, 12 to go! 💪 Curious n how the first challenge of the year went? A little spoiler: I completed it successfully 😊 Read how it went in my Medium page!

  • tanya-patrikeyeva-423820-unsplash

    Why I will accept my present – hint: it will help with my future

    Accepting the now doesn’t mean settling for anything but rather enjoying the little nuggets of the ordinary day-to-day. TED talks are amazing not only because they provide you with quality content, but especially because, in many cases, they really are thought-provoking. Hours and even days after watching a particularly good one, you’re still reflecting about […]

  • Blacksmith Sandwich

    All I Ate in London

    London is a paradise for vegans. As I already showed in the previous post, you can find vegan food in all shapes and forms in London’s street markets. But why limit ourselves, right? Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love street food, food stalls and all that jazz, but there is even more to London […]


Maira Salazar

Hi! I’m Maira Salazar, a Brazilian student in Portugal. Veganism, traveling, chronicles and podcasts are some of the things we’ll explore here. Let’s go together?

Oi! Eu sou a Maira Salazar, uma estudante brasileira em Portugal. Veganismo, viagens, crônicas e podcasts são algumas das coisas que vou explorar esse espaço. Vamos juntos?


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There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart.