• nathan-dumlao-298337-unsplash

    Numbers or Words?

    What do you do when you’re doubting your past decisions – the ones that affect your future ones? Right now, I’m more than halfway through my undergrad degree. That means it’s time to make some important decisions. Will I pursue a master straight out of here? Or will I work before? If I go for […]

  • London Eye

    First Time in London: an Itinerary for Budget-Travelers

    In June of this year, one of my oldest dreams came true. As I stepped in the last step of the staircase leading from the RyanAir airplane, a feeling of total euphoria went through my body. I was in London!!!!! It was real. The ground was officially British. And I was in London. Well, not […]

  • Planning

    Your no bullshit guide to beating overplanning

    Oh yeah, today is THE day! I’m going to make every second count, and I’ll build my perfect life. Starting with this podcast episode on How to boost your creativity, reading this article on How to lose fat in 90 days and creating my 2-years goal planning. Sounds familiar? Please tell me if it doesn’t, […]

  • martinha

    [EN/PT] Inside Martha / Dentro de Martinha

    Martha felt a mixture of things she could not explain. In fact, she did not even know how to identify it all. It was all so mixed up, one thing overlapping the other, that even an expert in untying emotional knots would be kind of confused. Turns out she thought too much. Even when she […]


Maira Salazar

Hi! I’m Maira Salazar, a Brazilian student in Portugal. Veganism, traveling, chronicles and podcasts are some of the things we’ll explore here. Let’s go together?

Oi! Eu sou a Maira Salazar, uma estudante brasileira em Portugal. Veganismo, viagens, crônicas e podcasts são algumas das coisas que vou explorar esse espaço. Vamos juntos?


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There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart.