• tanya-patrikeyeva-423820-unsplash

    Why I will accept my present – hint: it will help with my future

    Accepting the now doesn’t mean settling for anything but rather enjoying the little nuggets of the ordinary day-to-day. TED talks are amazing not only because they provide you with quality content, but especially because, in many cases, they really are thought-provoking. Hours and even days after watching a particularly good one, you’re still reflecting about […]

  • adultar

    [PT] Adultar

    Não estou pronta. A tal da fase adulta chega, e ainda me sinto uma criança assustada. Será que em algum momento vou olhar para mim mesma e enxergar uma adulta? É claro, às vezes posso dizer isso, clamar para meu interno “Sou uma adulta!”, mas é da boca para fora. Não acredito mesmo nisso. Afinal, […]

  • mathyas-kurmann-102977-unsplash

    Timing and twentysomethings

    Choosing always means giving up on something. When you’re at the prime time for so many possibilities, how to make the choices? Yesterday I watched this old TED talk by Meg Jay on Why the 30s are not the new 20s. It’s a motivating talk, which I definitely recommend to any twentysomething or (soon-to-be) out […]

  • javier-allegue-barros-761133-unsplash

    The options I face, as an (almost) graduate

    Money is not the focus of life, but it does play a role in deciding what path to follow in the next couple of years. Although it is pretty clear that money is not the end goal, it’s very hard not to put too much emphasis on it. As someone who still depends on her […]


Maira Salazar

Hi! I’m Maira Salazar, a Brazilian student in Portugal. Veganism, traveling, chronicles and podcasts are some of the things we’ll explore here. Let’s go together?

Oi! Eu sou a Maira Salazar, uma estudante brasileira em Portugal. Veganismo, viagens, crônicas e podcasts são algumas das coisas que vou explorar esse espaço. Vamos juntos?


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There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart.