• nathan-dumlao-298337-unsplash

    Numbers or Words?

    What do you do when you’re doubting your past decisions – the ones that affect your future ones? Right now, I’m more than halfway through my undergrad degree. That means it’s time to make some important decisions. Will I pursue a master straight out of here? Or will I work before? If I go for […]

  • black-panther-quad-poster

    [PT] Black Panther: Finalmente, um herói humano

    Quer você seja um fã da Marvel, quer assista só um ou outro filme da franquia, Black Panther é uma aposta certa. A união de uma história de super-herói, com todos seus elementos típicos, e a exploração de temáticas atuais e polémicos, resulta em um filme completo. Os recordes quebrados no mundo todo servem de […]

  • the-climate-reality-project-Hb6uWq0i4MI-unsplash-1024x640

    Academic exchange as a foreigner student in Europe – Erasmus+ [EN]

    Do you know the Erasmus+ program for European mobility? It is an incredible opportunity for any student enrolled at a higher education institution in Europe, regardless of nationality. As a Brazilian student in Portugal, as soon as I arrived I had this question in mind: could I participate in the program? The exchange possibility interested […]

  • marisol-casben-1282591-unsplash

    5 Tips to Ease Your Transition Into Veganism

    Adopting veganism as a lifestyle might seem daunting. But here are 5 ways to make this journey go more smoothly. In the countless Facebook groups, Instagram accounts and real-life conversations I’ve been in, relating to veganism, there is always someone interested in learning a bit more about it. And many of these people are genuinely […]


Maira Salazar

Hi! I’m Maira Salazar, a Brazilian student in Portugal. Veganism, traveling, chronicles and podcasts are some of the things we’ll explore here. Let’s go together?

Oi! Eu sou a Maira Salazar, uma estudante brasileira em Portugal. Veganismo, viagens, crônicas e podcasts são algumas das coisas que vou explorar esse espaço. Vamos juntos?


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There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart.