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    I’m lost. But looking within might help.

    The self-help gurus were right on this one: free-flow writing might just give you some interesting insights. Being 22 years old is a funny thing. I feel like I’m at a crossroad, in the middle of the way somewhere. Only I don’t know where. And when I look around, I see a bunch of people […]

  • Pencil and notebook

    In Case Of No Inspiration, Stick To The Habit

    Inspiration and the “get things done” mood come and go. But not that little tiny 2-minutes promises we make to ourselves. Today is one of those days I have no idea what to write about. I don’t feel creative enough to babble and reflect on some inspiring topic, reaching that state of flow when the […]

  • Searching-Age-Rating-2018-Movie-Poster-Images-and-Wallpapers (1)

    [PT] Searching: Uma procura esburacada

    O pior momento da vida de um pai vista por ecrãs. Essa é premissa do primeiro longa-metragem de Aneesh Chaganty, Pesquisa Obsessiva. O espectador tem a sensação de acompanhar a busca desesperada do protagonista, David Kim (John Cho), por meio de uma câmera secreta. O uso exclusivo de ecrãs, apesar de não ser novo (o […]

  • martinha

    [EN/PT] Inside Martha / Dentro de Martinha

    Martha felt a mixture of things she could not explain. In fact, she did not even know how to identify it all. It was all so mixed up, one thing overlapping the other, that even an expert in untying emotional knots would be kind of confused. Turns out she thought too much. Even when she […]


Maira Salazar

Hi! I’m Maira Salazar, a Brazilian student in Portugal. Veganism, traveling, chronicles and podcasts are some of the things we’ll explore here. Let’s go together?

Oi! Eu sou a Maira Salazar, uma estudante brasileira em Portugal. Veganismo, viagens, crônicas e podcasts são algumas das coisas que vou explorar esse espaço. Vamos juntos?


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There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart.